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                             Fire Alarm Installation & Maintenance 

Fire Alarm Contracts From £239.00 (Includes two mandatory visits per site)

Weekly Fire Alarm Testing £25.00 (Per visit per site)

We supply a wide range of fire alarm services for public sector & commercial clients. We offer a prompt and high quality service and are able provide a tailored service to meet the fire alarm system requirements of our customers premises.

All of our systems work on an open procedure basis, which allows our customers a better choice of manufacturer.

We are always provide our clients with the assurance of a comprehensive guarantee for all our work.

All our staff are qualified and trained to meet regulation requirements and frequently retrain to meet changing requirements of our clients’ businesses or any regulatory or product changes.

Fire Alarm Maintenance & Testing

Your system should be inspected by a fire professional twice a year as per the current fire regulations BS 5839

M N Security & Electrical Solutions makes the servicing of your fire and security systems as smooth and efficient as possible.

We start our servicing process by always making sure an appointment is made with your site to complete a service of the required system, therefore making sure that no issues arise from our engineers turning up on site unexpectedly.

It is important that our customers have a good enough understanding of their Life Safety and Property Protection systems that they can make informed decisions when needed. Information and training can be provided for yourself, and other employees in your business, regarding the use of any Fire & Security Systems present on site.

M N Security & Electrical Solutions are committed to ensuring that your Fire & Security Systems are fully operational, and any issues which may arise are brought to your attention so they may be resolved quickly. Regular maintenance of your Fire & Security Systems helps to identify any potential problems before they arise. Faults on any system may endanger lives and leave property at risk, meaning a regular service of Life Safety and Property Protection systems is vital.

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